5 Things to Look for in a Designer

Designers create so much more than nice looking things. They help you tell a compelling story. They help you create a look-and-feel that will be a perfect match for your business’ personality.


And most importantly, because so many decisions are based on image alone, a designer can help build instant connections between you and your audience.

If you believe in the value of your brand, investing in the right designer will help bring your valuable messages to life. So, what should you look for? Here's a start:

1. Asks all the Right Questions

A designer should have a clear process that starts by asking questions about your business goals, target market, competitors and things that will inform how they design your project. Here's an example of questions that should be considered before starting your next project.

2. Understands Customer Service

It isn’t about liking them as a person (although that goes along way too!) Are they responsive? Trustworthy? Do they anticipate and manage deadlines well? Can they explain their solutions well? From the first conversation to well after you’ve received your final design, a good designer should show professionalism, making you feel comfortable from start to finish.

3. Shows a Strong Portfolio and Testimonials

Quality is what you are after when you are looking a design portfolio. A seemingly endless list of past work will not necessarily prove that the designer is right for you.  A strong portfolio will feature a variety of impressive projects with a clear and distinctive overall style. The work becomes even stronger when it is supported by positive testimonials from satisfied clients.

4. Has a Reasonable Pricing Methods

Pricing should be treated on a case by case basis, and a good designer will offer free & custom quotes, based on your particular needs.

The saying, “you get what you pay for” can’t be stressed enough here. If a designer lists bargain basement prices, you are sure to receive clearance rack work. On the other end of the spectrum, if a designer is pressuring you into committing to projects and fees that truly don’t work for your current budget, it’s time to look elsewhere.

5. Is able to explain their process clearly

We all know what happens when you fail to plan. Make sure the designer has a clear process. It will not only keep you organized but also save you time, effort and money. Check out this short video that sums up the basics that should be a part of every design project: a conversation, a contract and a massive dose of creativity.

When you’ve find the right match, you’ll know. But be sure to check off these qualities in your search for the right designer.