Do Your Service Business Graphics Glow With Soul & Style?

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Building a Visual Identity With
Your Soul, Style & Coins Intact.


At Lou-Ann Wattley Design, I help service businesses find their voice. Because when you create a visual identity and graphic design solution with your vision at its core, wonderful things can happen.

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Grow trust

Create an authentic look that your target audience will see and believe in.

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Reach hearts

Spread a message capable of reaching hearts, minds and big picture goals.

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Show them why

Translate the "why" behind your service business into a lasting visual presence.

Past Projects

Take a look at some of the visions I’ve helped bring to life.

What my clients think


Any of these sound familiar?

➺ My logo and graphics are outdated and I'm finally ready to step it up!

➺ I'm just starting my service business and I want a complete look I can be proud of.

➺ I thought my Squarespace site would design itself, but it’s all over the place!

➺ I need the help of a professional graphic designer for a period of time.

➺ I don't have time or patience for those design-it-yourself tools.

Yes? Then let’s breathe life into your visuals.