These are some of my most commonly asked questions.


What exactly do you do?

I’m a full-time Visual Branding and Graphic Design Consultant. My specialty is logo design and brand (visual) identities. I also contract with teams that are looking for ongoing design support.

How much will it cost?

This is my most common question. Because professional design and consulting is a service, not a product, I know the answer “it depends” can be frustrating to hear.

The price range for my visual identity packages starts at $975. You will receive a custom and itemized quote based on your specific project needs. One client's brand identity may quote differently than another because both are unique with its own conceptual approach and final deliverables. Creative support rates will also be quoted according to the same guidelines.

Can a startup or solopreneur afford your services?

I’m on a mission to prove that your vision is always within reach. That applies to solopreneurs, startups, small businesses, social initiatives, not-for-profit causes and even larger companies without any in-house creative.

As a solopreneur myself, my fees don’t go towards massive operating costs. So I’m able to keep my fees very competitive, delivering long-term value for you and your business.

Side note: always be realistic about your budget and expectations. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality because of financial limitations. But research, compare and plan in advance so you can invest in the right design services at the right time.

Do you offer freelance/contract services?

Yes. I've spent many years as an in-house designer and I continue to contract my services to companies both large and small that need the in-house quality & experience I have under my belt through my creative support plans.

What are your billing policies?

My payment and billing process is simple. Along with a signed contract, most projects start with a client deposit of 50% of the total fee. I offer payment plans for certain projects.

Once the project is complete, you will receive a final invoice for the balance of the fee before any final files are released. Invoices are due within 15 days of receiving it. A 5% late fee will be charged for past due invoices. I accept checks, money orders and payments via PayPal’s secure online system.

How long will my project take?

This depends on the project but a standard turnaround for full visual identity projects is at least 4-6 weeks. Smaller projects might take much less time, but I recommend at least 2 weeks for most projects to make sure it is getting the right amount of attention.

I know what I want. Can you just draw the concept I have for my logo?

Generally, no. While there's nothing wrong with using your vision as inspiration for your logo—and some logos just need a basic refresh—the most successful designs go through a process to determine whether or not the idea is viable.

Before “drawing” your idea, part of the process involves honestly asking ourselves: Does it make sense? Will it resonate with your target market? Does it have flexibility? Longevity? There is so much more to logo design than good execution.

What is a conceptual mood board?

A conceptual mood board is a visual reference that a designer may put together to kick off the creative phase of a project. A mood board might include things like preferred colors, typeface and most importantly, visual tone. The purpose of a conceptual mood board is to make sure the tone is right before the conceptual phase. This avoids wasting time on concepts we know won't hit the mark.

What are supporting design elements?

Supporting design elements will include color palette, typeface selection, photography and/or custom designed patterns. These elements are all part of a solid brand identity and is meant to support a logo solution.

How do you deliver my files?

Once the final invoice has been paid, you will receive your final files in a variety of formats. In many cases, I will supply you with formats that will work for your web and print needs. The files will be transferred via a secure Google Drive link that will be active for 30 days.

I keep an active archive of projects for about 1 year, so if you lose or misplace your files within that year, you can reach out for a copy, free of charge.

Are there any separate charges I should know about?

My fees include strategies that are part of the design process: research, preparation of a project brief, design conception, execution and delivery of final files.

Though my Visual Identity pacakge includes the design, printing and shipping of a set of 50 standard business cards, typically the following costs are NOT included in my design fees:

Copywriting, printing, shipping, purchase of domain names and/or hosting fees for websites, purchase of stock photography/illustration, videography and background music for motion graphics and videos.

I never bill you for separate charges before getting your thumbs up. My billing is transparent, so you will always know what you are paying for. Because like you, I like surprises—just not surprise invoices.

When can we start?

I’m always eager to tell incredible stories, but I only take on a set amount of projects at a time. Feel free to reach out and check my availability.


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