My Story

I’m Lou-Ann—oftentimes "Lou,"—the one-woman-show at Lou-Ann Wattley Design. I've learned a lot in my 11+ years as a graphic designer. For most of my design career, I was an in-house graphic designer for companies across different fields, like women’s health, political marketing and the nonprofit sector.

Eventually my passion for logo design dovetailed with my hopes for entrepreneurship across the women & minority-owned small business community.

So I went solo and launched Lou-Ann Wattley Design in 2014. I started with a focus solely on logo design. But I quickly learned something that changed my approach:

Pretty is great. But you can’t eat pretty.

I would know. I was running a solo business. I understood that it takes more than a nice-looking graphic to make a lasting impact. It takes purpose and strategy too.

There are so many hats to wear as a small business owner. And being able to partner with a designer who understands your unique set of challenges is key.

I’ve designed impactful visual solutions for many happy clients over the years. And I continue to contract my services to companies both large and small that need the in-house quality & experience I have under my belt.

My work is diverse but my approach is simple: deliver message-focused passion with every project.

At the heart of my work lies a conscious embrace of my roles as mother, designer, creator and curious soul. Balancing them all is a beautiful challenge. When I'm not creating, I'm enjoying this life I've been granted. I call Northern Virginia home.

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